Thrill to the hidden history of the potent POTUSes and their sidekicks who serve and protect: U.S.A. 02.


Gertrude's Follies #82
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Visit the wild kingdom of Mexico's master of the mirthful menagerie. Ecce Feggorama.


Cinch up your helmet to protect the old gray matter for another freaky foray in Igor Trips.


Martin Kozlowski
Ant Farmers Almanac
Celebrity Death Haiku
PK in the Terrarium
Illustrated Courtroom


Hands of Stone –– Punch junk.
Don’t Breathe –– Inhale bop.
Mechanic: Resurrection –– Baloney on rise.
Southside With You –– Michelle launch.
In Order of Disappearance –– Getting offed easy.
The Hollars –– Butchered Hollar.
Mia Madre –– Maternal in stink.
Greater –– Grater.
The Sea of Trees –– Sap sucker.
The Intervention –– Divorced case scenario.
Complete Unknown –– Deserves to be.
I Am Not a Serial Killer –– Casualty assurance.
Kate Plays Christine –– Suicide squat.
Fatima –– Moroccan letter.
Natural Selection –– Class warfare.
Floyd Norman: An Animated Life –– Cel therapy.
Space Dogs: Adventure to the Moon –– Canis minor.
Uncle Kent 2 –– Clunk Kent.
Plank Face –– Board silly.
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Better Late Than Never (NBC) –– Fogey bottom.
Queen Sugar (OWN) –– Sugar and spites.
Gomorrah (Sundance) –– Italian iced.
MADtv (CW) –– Awfully Neuman.
My Last Days (CW) –– A fade worse than death.
Fearless (Netflix) –– Bull sessions.
The Disappearance (Acorn TV) –– Dog gone.
Triumph’s Summer Election Special 2016 (Hulu) –– Poopy love.
Last Chance U (Netflix) –– Crammer school.
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Cats –– Whisker sour.
Act of God
–– Queen of Heaven.
Long Day's Journey Into Night
–– Slaq O'Neill.
Tuck Everlasting
–– Lame Tuck.
Fully Committed
–– Restaurant weak.
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Blonde / Frank Ocean –– Asspit in the Ocean.
The Definition Of…
/ Fantasia –– Feelin’ the blank.
American Love / Jake Owen –– Not this one.
Major Key / DJ Khaled –– Khaled greens.
SremmLife 2 / Rae Sremmurd –– Sremm sleep.
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The Underground Railroad by Colin Whitehead –– Civil rides movement.
Homecoming by Yaa Gyasi –– Haters’ Ghana hate.
Insidious by Catherine Coulter –– Lowest slain.
Bullseye by James Patterson –– Focal pointless.
Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty –– Guilt by dissociation.


The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer –– Tats and ass.
Powerhouse by James Andrew Miller –– Agents of shilled.
White Trash by Nancy Isenberg –– Inbred plumbing.
Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance –– Yahoo serious.
American Heiress by Jeffrey Toobin –– Batty Hearst.
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We're proud to present the print edition of L.K. Peterson's Talk to the Hair, a decidedly dystopian and utterly hilarious Look Back at the First 100 Days of the Trump Presidency.
The perfect gift to Make America Laugh Again. Order from Amazon.


Headbangers: A BANNON HOPE

Trump campaign chief Steve Bannon is registered voter at vacant Florida home
–– While managing an empty suit.
Doctor: I wrote Trump's bill of health in 5 minutes
–– 4 longer than exam. Headbangers 08/26/16



Inxart.com is the place for editors and art directors to download the best in political illustration. This week:
Ailes & Fox Harassment Charges, Russia's Cyber War, Republicans' Clinton Health Rumors, Disastrous Louisiana Floods and Endless School Testing at inxart 08/24/16.


Gertrude's Follies: STARCHY COMICS

Gert refuses the carbo load Alice serves up for dinner. Even though the chef's not chuffed, Ms. Stein simply won't blanc mangia the pale-o diet dish for fear it will leave her waisted. Check back regularly for the latest installment of Gertrude's Follies.


Kozmic Pictures: RED BOX MOVIES

This long hot summer of presidential campaigning has produced more plot twists and stomach turns than the most paranoid Hollywood thriller. Hang onto your Red Hots as we preview a shocking Commie Attraction in Kozmic Pictures Proudly Presents.



Enjoy a new installment of Tom Hachtman's DoubleTakes wherein two disparate pop culture icons are combined with Frankensteinian finesse to form a toxic hybrid. This particular malignant mash-up was bound to happen Soon Yi or later. What Not.



Randy Jones has illustrated the program for the annual Inner Circle Show for more than 20 years. Here are some of his best covers for satirical revues that sent up the Giuliani, Bloomberg and DeBlasio administrations.
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After a mere six years, we present the second installment of United Super Allies, the comic strip that reveals the secret story behind our nation's super-heroic saviors. It's 2008 and the Decider's term is grinding to a merciful halt when it seems all hope is lost, until… U.S.A.


Deadlines: BUMPER STINKERS 2016

WIth better than a dozen Republicans and half a dozen Democrats (not counting fringe candidates) it's a question if there are enough bumpers in the U.S.A. to display all of the deeply meaningful political slogans the campaign season has to offer. More Deadlines



The recent rush of customer support for a certain fast-food chicken chain in the wake of COO Dan Cathy's condemnation of gay marriage has inspired the restaurants to extend their store hours and engage in some fiercely hetero rebranding. As you can see in the newest Bad Adss.