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The Fate of the Furious –– Same old shift.
The Lost City of Z –– Snorer the explorer.
Spark: A Space Tail –– The monkey shot.
Norman –– Riot Gere.
The Outcasts –– Prank amateurs.
A Quiet Passion –– Fairly Dickinson.
Tommy’s HonorTommy rot.
My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea –– Class half full.
Little Boxes –– Like white on rights.
Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary –– Trane wreck.
Maurizio Cattalan: Be Right Back –– Arts and crafy.

Going in Style –– Senior pranks.
Smurfs: The Lost Village –– Blue man gloop.
The Case for Christ –– Lord justice.
Gifted –– She whiz.
Colossal –– Big cheese.
The Void –– Wear prohibited.
Aftermath –– Hard to follow.
Your Name –– The born identity.
Their Finest –– War of the sexless.
Truman – Kaputy.
Mine –– Collapse.
Graduation –– Slipping up exercise.
The Assignment –– Geld complex.
Salt and Fire –– Salt flat.
The Transfiguration –– Go transfigure.
All These Sleepless Nights –– Polish pickle.
Speech & Debate –– Overactive blatter.
Alive and Kicking –– Strikes out swinging.
I Hate Myself –– You’re not alone.
Not For Rent! –– Frank lessor.
Ghost in the Shell –– A cybore.
The Boss Baby –– Tot runt grin.
The Zookeeper’s Wife –– Warsnore, Poland.
The Blackcoat’s Daughter –– Chop class.
Carrie Pilby –– Smart ass.
Here Alone –– In a theatre watching this.
Despite the Falling Snow –– Flurry critters.
All This Panic –– Meme girls.
Karl Marx City –– Paint the town red.
Live Cargo –– Cargo pans.
God Knows Where I Am –– But doesn’t care.
David Lynch: The Art Life –– Blue Velveeta.
Cezanne and I –– Zola system.
Peelers –– Strip maul.
Bwoy –– Oh boy.
Life –– Alienation of infections.
Power Rangers –– Mighty mofo-in’.
ChiPs –– Roadside bomb.
Wilson –– Corny Wilson.
Prevenge –– Da fetus attitude.
Slamma Jamma –– Dunk heap.
Bokeh –– Of whine.
Dig Two Graves –– For leads’ careers.
I Called Him Morgan –– Jazzercide.
I, Olga Hepnarová –– Bad Czech.
Car Dogs –– Sales farce.
The Leveling –– Uneven.
Walk of Fame –– Fame retardant.
In Search off Israeli Cuisine–– You’ll felafel.
A Woman, A Part –– Acts her age.
Beauty and the Beast –– Fur ball.
T2 Trainspotting –– Horse opera.
Frantz –– Snore de Frantz.
The Belko Experiment –– Company loves misery.
The Devil’s Candy –– Sugar and spite.
Song to Song –– Ho hum.
Mean Dreams –– Nap commission.
13 Minutes –– Adolf hitter.
Dean –– Wormer.
Betting on Zero –– Betting zoo.
All Nighter –– Give it a rest!
After the Storm –– Dry up.
Burn Your Maps –– Routeless.
Kong: Skull Island –– Megillah gorilla.
The Sense of an Ending –– In first 5 minutes.
Raw –– Chews sides.
My Scientology Movie –– Old mutha Hubbard.
Personal Shopper –– Store nuts.
Brimstone –– Sulphur fools gladly.
A Very Sordid Wedding –– Scummy dearest.
The Other Half –– Bi-polar vortex.
The Ottoman Lieutenant –– All Turk and no play.
This Beautiful Fantastic –– This neither.
Suntan –– Burn rubber.
Who’s Crazy? –– Fruit of the loon.
Love & Taxes –– The levy was dry.
Uncertain –– Sure leave.
The Dark Below –– Lake bull.
Logan –– Logan’s runt.
The Shack –– Shed tears.
Lovesong –– Woo who?
Donald Cried –– Slime bawls.
Before I Fall –– Too late.
The Last Laugh –– Too soon.
The Last Word –– Bio degradable.
Table 19 –– Reception hell.
Lavender –– Mauve’s the pity.
Catfight –– Meow mucks.
Tim Timmerman, Hope of America –– Dim, dimmer, man.
Headshot –– Tête offensive.
Contemporary Color –– Parade roots.
The Settlers –– Sabra rattling.
Junction 48 –– Hamas and tongs.
The Institute –– A sordid nut’s.
Wolves –– Howls by you.
Apprentice –– Hang it all.
The Settler –– For less.
Get Out –– Black bolt.
Collide –– Vehicular man’s laughter.
Rock Dog –– Hot licks.
The Girl With All the Gifts –– There's a fungus humongous.
My Life as a Zucchini –– Squash.
Bitter Harvest –– Reapugnant.
As You Are –– Teen vague.
Dyng Laughing –– Flip sweat.
Year By the Sea –– Cape clod.
Kiki –– D-.
Punching Henry –– Punch lean.
Offshore Incorporated –– Hell to shelter.
VooDoo –– Juju beans.



Best Picture Nominees:

Arrival –– Assault of the Earth.
Fences –– Honor black man.
Hacksaw Ridge –– Pacifist bump.
Hell or High Water –– Brothers outlaw.
Hidden Figures –– Black math.
La La Land –– Lard of the dance.
Lion –– Down on the job.
Manchester by the Sea –– Mass. hysteria.
Moonlight –– How low can you glow.

Fist Fight –– Dum punch.
The Great Wall –– Crock-blocking.
A Cure for Wellness –– Ill-conceived.
XX –– Ex-X.
Non–Transferable –– Tix off.
Lovesong –– Coo-coo.
Everybody Loves Somebody –– But nobody loves this.
In Dubious Battle –– Francophony.
American Fable –– Tale wagger.
My Name is Emily –– Embecilic.
You’re Killing Me Susana –– Ow, Susana.
Ghost of New Orleans –– A NOLA grey.
Keep Quiet –– Lip lock.
From Nowhere –– To nothing.
Le Voyage de Fanny –– Shake your booty.
John Wick: Chapter 2 –– Hit end run.
The Lego Batman Movie –– Build-a-bore.
Fifty Shades Darker –– Blue and Grey.
A United Kingdom –– Racial vice.
Don’t Hang Up –– Booby call.
Land of Mine –– Boomsday.
Kedi –– Hollow Kedi.
Speed Sisters –– Speed humps.
Havenhurst –– Rental cruelty.
Sex Doll –– Bangers and mush.
Stray Bullets –– Sober pops.
Left on Purpose –– Kevork it over.
I Am Jane Doe –– Full escort press.
The Comedian –– Titter feed.
Rings –– False.
The Space Between Us –– Mars madness.
I Am Not Your Negro –– All ick Baldwin.
Renegades –– SEALS and crapt.
War on Everyone –– A Trump bio already?
The Trouble With Terkel –– Terkel jerk.
Don’t Knock Twice –– I could knock all day.
Dark Night –– Falls.
Eloise –– Asylum squeaker.
Oklahoma City –– McVeigh back when.
Growing Up Smith –– Hammer Smith.
Both in Oregon –– OR not.
This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous –– Gorgeous gorge.
Bunyan and Babe –– Pale logger.
A Dog’s Purpose –– Squat.
Gold –– Midas tush.
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter –– Promise?
I Am Michael –– Straight and narrow.
The Daughter –– The Mild Duck.
The Salesman –– I’m not sold.
Behemoth –– Too big for its bitches.
Un Padre No Tan Padre –– Too pooped to papa.
Paris 05:59: Théo et Hugo –– Like a temps of bricks.
Kung-Fu Yoga –– Fighting Chan’s.
Sophie and the Rising Sun –– Arigato be kidding.
Lost in Florence –– Ughs Florentine.
Get the Girl –– Cutting lass.
The Founder –– A total Kroc.
XXX: Return of Xander Cage –– Xander fey.
Split –– Schiz marks.
The Resurrection of Gavin Stone –– No Stone unreturned.
The Red Turtle –– Turtle knack.
Trespass Against Us –– Sin taxes.
Detour –– Strange evaders.
My Father, Die –– Deady.
Antarctica: Ice & Sky –– Chill pill.
Staying Vertical –– Upright citizens’ brigade.
They Call Us Monsters –– Feelin’ juvie.
Strike a Pose –– Strike oppose.
Starless Dreams –– REM-job.
The Axe Murders of Villisca –– Choppy.
The Sunshine Makers –– Acid watched.
Sleepless –– 'N' skedaddle.
The Bye Bye Man –– So long ranger.
Monster Trucks –– Pickup stinks.
100 Streets –– Route vegetable.
The Book of Love –– A foul ardor.
Son of Joseph –– Joe daddy.
Bad Kids of Crestview Academy –– Punk bland.
We Are the Flesh –– Skin and boners.
Alone in Berlin –– German splitz.
Reset –– Reset’s monkey.
Pitchfork –– Tiney.
Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies –– Tyrol over in your grave.
Underworld: Blood Wars –– Suck ups.
The Ardennes –– Belgian waffles.
The Bronx Bull –– Lox horns.
Railroad Tigers –– Caboose hounds.
Between Us –– Fretty couples.
Master –– Baits.
Arsenal –– Arse in hole.
Lost & Found –– & lost.
Hickey –– Ickey.

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