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Pokémon Detective Pikachu –– Smug rat.
Hustle –– Con academy.
Poms –– Boms.
Tolkien –– Force of Hobbit.
Wine Country –– Dies on the vine.
The Biggest Little Farm –– Comes a cropper.
Pasolini –– Pierless.
The Professor and the Madman –– Laxicography.
All is True –– False equivalency.
General Magic –– Spell grant.
Charlie Says –– Little man, Tate.
My Son –– That win slow boy.
Asako I & II –– Stick Asako in it.
The Serengeti Rules –– Serengeti pain.
The Silence of Others –– Franco and earnest.

Long Shot –– Foul pol.
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile –– A tad Bundy.
UglyDolls –– Pewkie dolls.
The Intruder –– Invade a minute!
El Chicano –– Pig Latinx.
Shadow –– Pan umbra.
Non-Fiction –– Trite and true.
Tell It to the Bees –– Forced buzzing.
Knock Down the House –– Demo crass.
Bolden –– Cornet ol’ man.
Meeting Gorbachev –– Not one Red sent.
Clara –– Pwn stars.
Ask Dr. Ruth –– Sex kiddin’.
The Dirty Kind –– The Dirty dozin’.
Bardo Blues –– Thai in knots.
The Convent –– Having nun of it.
Dead Trigger –– Finger feud.
Avengers: Endgame –– A little on Thanos.
The White Crow –– Fruity Nureyev.
Body at Brighton Rock –– Park deranger.
J.T. Leroy –– Hoax and heifers.
Ploey –– Ker-Ploey!
I Trapped the Devil –– Hell bound.
Carmine Street Guitars –– Plucky loser.
Scary Stories –– Tale chaser.
Know Your Enemy –– Randy Feldman directed this.
Marilyn –– Man son.
If the Dancer Dances –– Merciless Cunningham.
Sprinter –– Winded.
Disneynature: Penguins –– Ice bird lettuce.
Breakthrough –– Christian amen poor.
The Curse of La Llorona –– Cheapie crawly.
Little Woods –– Frack this.
Under the Silver Lake –– LA shams.
Hail Satan? –– Base gets own movie?
Drunk Parents –– Hell raisers.
Rafiki –– Much lez.
Red Joan –– Defective.
Fast Color –– Bleeding awful.
Daddy Issues –– Pimple papa.
Grass –– Chronic bake ache.
Breaking Habits –– Jones town.
Family –– Fam fiction.
Stuck –– Tight nit group.
Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché –– Deafening silents.
Instant Dreams –– Lost in development.
Hellboy –– Beat Red.
Mary Magdalene –– Holy unnecessary.
Missing Link –– Weak Link.
The Man Who Killed Don Quixote –– Panza division.
Stockholm –– Held to pay.
Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy –– Shoots from the Ip.
Dogman –– Arf human.
After –– Shocks.
Her Smell –– Reek tragedy.
Little –– Mini dross.
Savage –– Gay of inches.
Penguin Highway –– Waddle they think of next?
Teen Spirit –– Like smells.
The Most Dangerous Year –– Boy girl, boy girl.
Billboard –– Off-road vehicle.
Mia and the White Lion –– Mia gulper.
Wild Nights With Emily –– Em dash.
A Dark Place –– Gloom county.
Satan & Adam –– Soul miss.
Shazam! –– Batson balls.
Pet Semetary –– Razz bury.
The Best of Enemies –– Rawly Durham.
High Life –– Waste High.
Peterloo –– Rally cap.
Amazing Grace –– Aretha to believe.
The Wind –– Blows.
The Public –– Rabble bored.
The Haunting of Sharon Tate –– Sharon stoned.
Storm Boy –– Lad in the day.
Dumbo –– A minor flap.
The Beach Bum –– Scuzzy port.
Unplanned –– Was there even a script?
Diane –– Dullard dishwater.
A Vigilante –– Redress code.
White Chamber –– Roomer has it.
Working Woman –– Handsy man.
The Chaperone –– Accompany you creep.
Screwball –– In the dirt.
The Brink –– Loses its edge.
We Are Columbine –– Drop shot.
Long Lost –– Find whine.
The Last –– Granny’s myth appalls.
Lost & Found –– Eire education.
Making Babies –– Bangers and mush.
Slut in a Good Way –– Cheap thrills.
Us –– And dim.
Cruel Intentions –– By all mean.
Triple Threat –– Thrice cooker.
Hotel Mumbai –– Inn trouble.
Dragged Across Concrete –- Pavement cracks.
Trading Paint –– Paint drips.
Out of Blue –– Blew in the face.
Relaxer –– Tranqs for the memories.
Sunset –– Bites the dusk.
Wonder Park –– Ride derails.
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase –– Drew: the short straw.
Captive State –– Chi blatter.
The Highwaymen –– Hit the road.
The Aftermath –– Hamburger helpless.
Ash Is Purest White –– Ash holes.
Starfish –– Nein to five.
The Mustang –– Yay or neigh?
Mission of Honor –– Stop-flight.
The Hummingbird Project –– Flit bit.
The Sex Trip –– As annoying as they come.
Iceman –– Dumbeth.
Chimera Strain –– Strain wreck.
Finding Steve McQueen –– On the skids.
Faith, Hope & Love –– Ain’t enough.
Captain Marvel –– Kreetins.
Triple Frontier –– Tri harder.
Gloria Bell –– Meh Bell.
The Kid –– Billy clubbed.
An Elephant Sitting –– On your face.
Black Mother
–– Jamaica out.
Babylon –– Babble on.
3 Faces –– Of evil.
I’m Not Here –– Me either.
Five Feet Apart –– Public display of infection.
Ferrante Fever –– Down memory Elena.
Greta –– Garble.
Climax –– Stupid as they come.
The Hole in the Ground –– Gap year.
Chaos Walking –– And talking.
Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral –– Bier blast.
Transit –– Sick.
Mapplethorpe –– Crotch shot.
Giant Little Ones –– Dumbo shrimp.
Woman at War –– Struggle bunny.
Level 16 –– Of 100.
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind –– Shoots the breeze.
We Die Young –– Van Damme shame.
Saint Judy –– Dead Wood.
Virginia Minnesota –– Virginia hams.
Pretty Broken –– Totally broken.
The Sower –– Sower grates.



Best Picture Nominees:

Black Panther –– Wakanda minimum.
BlacKkKlansman –– Hoodwanked.
Bohemain Rhapsody –– Mercury retrograde.
Green Book –– Tour loose.
The Favourite –– Flushing Queen's.
Roma –– Domestic disturbance.
A Star is Born –– Rotten in the stars.
Vice –– Cheney of fools.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World –– Dragon drop.
The Changeover –– Asleep at the switch.
The Iron Orchard –– Pump soap.
Run the Race –– Back assward.
Total Dhamaal –– Dhamaal and dumber.
1st Summoning –– Last call.
2050 –– Robocrock.
Chesley Bonestell: A Brush With the Future –– Welcome mattes.
Alone/Together –– A separate piece.
My Stretch of Texas Ground –– Tex arcana.

Alita: Battle Angel –– Delete ‘er.
Isn’t It Romantic –– Plumper cracks.
Fighting With My Family –– Wrestle moanier.
Birds of Passage –– Feather dust-up.
Happy Death Day 2U –– Repetitive death syndrome.
Mega Time Squad –– Second hand smoked.
Patrick –– Pug ugly.
Hotel by the River –– Bank book.
Ruben Brandt, Collector –– Brandt echhs.
Sorry Angel –– Sorry everything.
Donnybrook –– Fight cluck.
A Tuba to Cuba –– Brass off.
The Maestro –– Composed heap.
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part –– Brick by prick.
What Men Want –– Not this.
The Prodigy –– Prodigious waste.
Cold Pursuit –– Chill lax.
Everybody Knows –– This sucks.
Lords of Chaos –– Anti mayhem.
To Dust –– Thou shalt not return.
The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot –– He slops fables.
Untogether –– Separate butt equal.
Berlin, I Love You –– Ick liebe dick.
The Gospel of Eureka –– Queer, no angels.
The Amityville Murders –– A murder of gross.
The Isle –– Ait is enough.
Miss Bala –– The whole Bala whacks.
Arctic –– Frost bites.
The Gandhi Murder –– Gandhi-coated.
Velvet Buzzsaw –– Rotomanure.
Piercing –– Whore frost.
The Wild Pear Tree –– Grow a pear.
Then Came You –– Upon the sheets.
Braid –– Twisted.
Sharkwater Extinction –– Murky fin.
Daughter of Mine –– No, Daughter of Mine!
The Golem –– The glum.
A Breath Away –– Expires.
The Unicorn –– Horn dog.
St. Bernard Syndicate –– Hound's toot.
Serenity –– No!
King of Thieves –– Old-ups.
The Kid Who Would Be King –– Junior bomb.
The Invisibles –– Reseen to believe.
The Image Book –– Yawn-look Godard.
The Final Wish –– These people never work again.
BTS World Tour Love Yourself in Seoul –– Or whack off in theatre.
In Like Flynn –– Comedy of Errol’s.
Heartlock –– Cell short.
King of Beasts –– Bottom lion.
To Err is Human –– Malpractice makes perfect.
Dead Ant –– Antyclimactic.
Jihadists –– Phully phanatic. Glass –– Half empty.
The Heiresses –– Inherit the windy.
Dragon Ball Super: Broly –– Broly-proly.
Adult Life Skills –– Growners.
Don’t Come Back from the Moon –– The cratered affair.
The Last Man –– Survival of the skittish.
The Standoff at Sparrow Creek –– Creeky.
Unbridled –– Equine and crackers.
The Brawler –– Swing for defenses.
Split Lip –– Best of a bad punch.
What Is Democracy –– Foul poll.
Who Will Write Our History –– Annal fissure.
I Hate Kids –– And this movie.
An Acceptable Loss –– Pol dark.
Egg –– Ovabearing.
The Upside –– Down.
Replicas –– Double and nothing
A Dog’s Way Home –– Mutt flaps.
Touch Me Not –– Hands-off.
Ashes in the Snow –– Flake eerie.
Buffalo Boys –– Java jive.
The Aspern Papers –– You’ll need an aspirin.
Pledge –– Fratty acid.
Perfectos Desconocidos –– Unknown quantity.
Sgt. Will Gardner –– Vet between the ears.
Against the Clock –– Time bomb.
The Bouncer –– Let’s bounce.
Anthem of a Teenage Prophet –– Nut for Prophet.
Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom –– Normsnore.
The Untold Story –– Untold hardship.
Genesis 2.0 –– Wobbly mammoth.
Escape Room –– And theatre.
Eli –– Rot.
The Vanishing –– Poof! daddy.
State Like Sleep –– Winky-dink.
Rust Creek –– Iron deficiency.
American Hangman –– Noosefest.
Mojin: The Worm Valley –– Has no legs.

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